Conference tracks

Conference trackCorresponding proponent(s)
• Open Innovation and Sustainability in the Digital Age: Opportunities and ChallengesRiccardo Maiolini,
• Gender Equality for Better SocietiesChiara Ravetti,
• The era of a new virtual economy: how do business strategies change with the advent of virtual goods and worlds?Ilaria Mancuso,
• New Insights on Resource and Knowledge Management in Circular Supply ChainsGiovanni Francesco Massari,
• Digitalization and Resource Redeployment in Entrepreneurship: Towards a Context-Specific Perspective Across Firm Types

Alessandro Lucini Paioni,

Davide Hahn,

• Untangling consumer behavior to develop marketing strategies and new products/services for a sustainable transitionLuca Fraccascia,
• Humanizing the healthcare sector: how to generate value from human-centric innovationsEmanuela Foglia,
• Digital technologies in the Service sector: opportunities, challenges, and impacts for business model innovation and human-centered value creationValentina Ndou,
• The Role of Digitalization in Fostering Sustainable Development for International BusinessSerena Strazzullo,
• Entrepreneurial Finance and Digitalization for a Better Society: Fostering Inclusion and Green EntrepreneurshipBenedetta Montanaro,
• Complexity perspectives, models, approaches, and methods to support resilience and sustainability in organizations and innovation systems

Giovanna Ferraro,

Linda Ponta,

Cristina Ponsiglione,

• Industry 5.0 and digital transformation: unveiling the main dynamics of human-centered innovationMaria Elena Latino,
• Human Learning and Digital Innovation in Creative and Cultural IndustriesSalvatore Ammirato,
• The Data Science Perspective in Entrepreneurship and Management ResearchFrancesco Ferrati,
• Developing digital and dynamic capabilities in the digital transformation eraGioconda Mele,
• Platform Thinking and Circular Economy: Opportunities for a sustainable impactSimone Franzò,

• Digital Innovation Ecosystem development for the Circular Economy: the Startups’ perspective – Circular economy, digital technologies, and innovation ecosystem: opportunities and challenges for sustainable, resilient, and human-centered global value and supply chains – Accelerating Circular Economy transition: the Role of Open Innovation and Digital Technologies

Giustina Secundo,

Cristina Di Stefano,

Serena Filippelli,

Digitalization and Resource Redeployment in Entrepreneurship: Towards
a Context-Specific Perspective Across Firm Types