Call for participation

XXXI AiIG PhD Summer School – 2023
«Striving for research quality»

Organized by: Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna

Since 2017, the AiIG PhD Summer School has followed a three-year cycle, alternating three themes: Research, Teaching, and Impact. The 2023 Summer School, now in its third cycle, will focus on Research.

The Summer School aims to raise awareness on designing and developing high-potential research projects that generate high-quality, relevant and rigorous results.

More specifically, by leveraging a broad array of activities, the School pursues the following learning objectives:

  • To understand how to identify and frame a research problem with the potential to advance scientific and practical knowledge.
  • To discuss the criteria and process used by top journal editors to assess research quality.
  • To get acquainted with innovative methodologies borrowed from neighboring research domains.
  • To raise awareness on effective communication and use of research findings to reach diverse audiences.
  • To showcase the initiatives promoted by AiIG to encourage high-quality research in Engineering Management.
  • To strengthen personal and research connections among Ph.D. students as members of the AiIG community.

To this purpose, the Summer School will encompass a broad set of activities, including seminars, roundtables, hands-on teamwork, and networking events.

During the Summer School, several Mentors from the AiIG community will actively participate in the program and collaborate closely with Ph.D. students to help them develop their research skills.

Download XXXI AiIG PhD Summer School presentation.