23rd CINet Conference – “Pursuing Innovation for a Smart & Sustainable Future”

13 Dicembre 2021. Categoria: Convegno, workshop

It’s a great pleasure to invite you to the 23rd International CINet Conference which will be organized by the University of Pisa. We have missed meeting each other personally for the last two conferences and we very much hope to convene in person at the 11-13 September, 2022 conference in Pisa.

This year the conference theme is “Pursuing Innovation for a Smart & Sustainable Future”. Our idea is to nurture discussions on some of the hottest topics for the years to come, in order to get insight into how innovation can foster a sustainable future – at the economic, environmental and social level – and what is the supporting role that digital technologies may play. In addition, we hope that having a physical conference will foster new collaborations, while refreshing and strengthening the old ones: on the main theme of the conference or, more in general, on the ever-green theme of continuous Innovation.

Date and Venue: 11-13 September 2022, Pisa (Italy)

Submission deadline: 9 April 2022

Registration deadline: 15 August 2022

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Luisa Pellegrini
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