Lunch Seminar HumanTech by Arnd Meiser

17 Gennaio 2024. Categoria: Convegno, workshop

Driver Analytics and Industry 5.0 – The Crucial Role of Neuroscience in Operations Management Research with the Example of KARAT

24 January 2024 – 12.15 pm

Seminar in presence

Politecnico di Milano – Building BL26/B – Room 0.19 (ground floor)
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Via R. Lambruschini,4/B – 20156 Milano

Arnd Meiser works as a post-doc in the KARAT project at the University of Bremen. The core of his work is the application of EEG-research in real-life situations. His main interest is understanding how the brain works outside of laboratory environments and what technical advancements are needed to overcome the challenges of real-life EEG recordings.

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This seminar is included in the HumanTech project selected by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) for the 2023-2027 period as part of the initiative “Departments of Excellence”.

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