Lunch seminar Renato Frey: Risk preference: Evidence from a comprehensive psychometric analysis of this key construct in the behavioral sciences, highlighting important theoretical and practical implications

27 Aprile 2019. Categoria: Convegno, workshop

18 June 2019 – 12:15
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering – Politecnico di Milano
Room 0.2, ground floor
Via R. Lambruschini, 4/B – Building BL26 – 20156 Milano

Renato Frey is a cognitive psychologist studying how people make decisions under risk and uncertainty. His research focuses on the construct of risk preference and addresses question such as: How stable is a person’s risk preference across different situations and time? How can we best measure the cognitive processes underlying risk preference and interindividual differences therein? And to what extent is risk preference predictive for how people deal with the daily risks of our modern world? To this end, he uses quantitative methods (psychometric, cognitive, and predictive modeling) and implements both lab experiments and ecological assessments.

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