Special Issue and Webinar Presentation: Data Science for Engineering Design

19 Aprile 2021. Categoria: Call for paper, Call for partner, Convegno, workshop

Dear AiIG Members and Colleagues,

We are glad to announce that the Journal Computers in Industry (IF: 3.954, AIIG Classification: Silver) has launched a Call for Paper on the topic “Data science for engineering design: State of the art and future directions”.


The introductory paper contains a scoping review of the intersection between the two fields, highlighting engineering management issues and calling for contributions from our field of research.


Finally, please note that on the 6th of May (from 18:00 to 19:00 CET) there will be the possibility to participate in a webinar where I will present the CFP and we will have a preliminary discussion about possible contributions. The webinar will be held on our research group channel.


If you are interested in participate or if you have any interest/questions on CFP, please write me at

The Guest Editors:

Filippo Chiarello, University of Pisa

Gualtiero Fantoni, University of Pisa

Paola Belingheri, University of Pisa

Filippo Chiarello
Socio Aggregato junior dal 2018