Track 1 – How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Business Models: R&D Management Conference 2019

5 Gennaio 2019. Categoria: Call for paper

Theme 1 : Artificial intelligence & Data sciences

Track 1 – How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping Business Models

The objective of the track is to analyse how AI systems are reshaping business models’ mechanisms, approaches and founding elements. Specifically, questions include, but are not limited to:
– managerial and organizational implications related to the adoption of AI;
– risks and weaknesses of the adoption of AI;
– types and archetypes of AI based business models;
– differences between AI based vs. traditional business models;
– boundary conditions enabling the adoption of AI solutions;
– policy-based initiatives and AI;
– performance implications, antecedents and consequences of adopting AI solutions;
– characteristics of AI solutions affecting business models performance;
– governance mechanisms;
– resources and capabilities underlying the introduction and adoption of AI solutions;
– emerging trade-offs characterizing the adoption of AI solutions.

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Gianvito Lanzolla, Antonio Messeni Petruzzelli, Umberto Panniello

Umberto Panniello
Socio Ordinario di diritto dal 2008