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Premi e riconoscimenti

- Winner of the "Jose A.D. Machuca Best Paper Award", at the P&OM World Conference (4th edition) (July 1-5, 2012, Amsterdam), as co-author of the paper: "Cumulative Capabilities and Lean: A Test of the Sand Cone Model", written in collaboration with Barbara Flynn, Thomas Bortolotti and Pietro Romano. - Winner of the "Outstanding Paper Award" at the 5th IEEE International Conference on Management of Innovation and Technology (June 2-5, 2010, Singapore) as co-author of the paper: "Direct and mediated effects of product modularity on development time and product performance", written in collaboration with Prof. Roberto Filippini. - Winner of the "Best Paper Award" at the 17th IPSERA (International Purchasing & Supply Education & Research Association) Conference (Perth, Australia, March 9-12, 2008), as co-author of the paper: "Configuring Supply Networks for Quick Response", written in collaboration with Pietro Romano. - Winner of the Harry Boer Highly Commended Award at the 21st European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Annual Conference (University of Palermo, University of Palermo, Palermo, Italy, June 20-25, 2014) as co-author of the paper "Effective lean knowledge transfer across manufacturing units in multinational corporations" written in collaboration with Stefania Boscari and Pietro Romano

Pamela Danese

Ordinario di diritto, Università degli Studi di Padova, Tecnica e Gestione dei Sistemi Industriali


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