Pubblicazioni: Barbara Bigliardi

Bigliardi, B., Galati, F., Marolla, G., and Verbano, C. (2015), ‘Factors affecting technology transfer offices’ performance in the Italian food context’, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 361-384.

2 Novembre 2018. Categoria: Silver

In recent years, growing attention has been devoted to the commercialisation of knowledge and technologies developed by universities and public research institutions. A central role in this particular process is played by the technology transfer offices (TTOs), which are on the one hand in charge of promoting the transfer of knowledge and technology to external companies, and on the other hand are also responsible for protecting and licensing the intellectual property of the research organisation. This paper is focused on a TTO operating in the food context, with the specific objectives of identifying the performance indicators and the main factors affecting its performance and, finally, analysing the relationships among these factors. Results highlighted the importance of both external and internal factors for the performance of a TTO operating in this context. In addition, we found both direct and indirect relations within these factors.

Barbara Bigliardi
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